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    1. POU Water Purifier

      They provide special characteristics as unique appearance, stable performance and long working life. Hence, they are widely used and welcomed in government departments, meeting rooms, office buildings, hotels and families, etc. If you have interests our products, please click the related websites or contact us directly. We expect cooperation with you.

    2. Water Bar (Water Cooler) Water Purifying Bottle RO Water Purifier Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Direct Drinking Water Purifier Pipeline Water Cooler
    1. POE Water Purifier 1. Midea POE water purifier adopts internal pressure ultrafiltration technology, which makes washing more thoroughly.
      2. The water purifying equipment is connected to the main water pipe, and provides water for the entire house.
    1. CS Water Purifier (Central Water Purifier)Midea CS water purifier provides special characteristics as convenient use and low operation cost. Especially, MRO111-300G central water purifier is equipped with 6 tier physical purification system, which can effectively maintain the water quality. You will know more about our CS water purifier via the following specification tables.