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Foshan Shunde Midea Water Dispenser Manufacture Company Limited
Add.: Midea Industry City, Beijiao, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

Middle East & Africa Area
Tel: +86-757-2360-4636

North America and Latin America
Tel: +86-757-2360-1002

Europe, Pan-asia & CIS area
Tel: +86-757-22607284

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Main Products
    1. Bottom Load Water DispenserIn order to ensure customer satisfaction and environmental friendly production, we manufacture our bottom load water ...
    1. Freestanding Water DispenserAs a result of reliable performance, easy operation and competitive prices, Midea freestanding water dispenser and other related water treatment ...
    1. Desktop Water DispenserDue to our commitment to quality, Midea drinking water equipment now has CSA certification from Canada, UL certification from the U.S, CE and ...
    1. POU Water Purifier They provide special characteristics as unique appearance, stable performance and long working life. Hence, they are widely used and ...
    1. POE Water Purifier 1. Midea POE water purifier adopts internal pressure ultrafiltration technology, which makes washing more thoroughly.
      2. The water purifying ...