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Water Dispenser, Water Purifier and Water Cooler Manufacturer in China

Midea is a drinking water cooler manufacturer and supplier, located in China. Since 1999, we have been dedicated to offering quality water dispenser, water cooler and water purifier, etc. to worldwide customers. With benefits of production management support from Midea Group's 40 years experience, we are successfully certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001. Midea Water Dispenser Manufacture Company sincerely welcomes you.

Drinking Water Equipment
    1. Direct Drinking Water Purifier
    2. Direct Drinking Water PurifierMidea direct drinking water purifier has passed NSF watertight test. It can defend more than 100 thousand times water hammer attack, which shows its great security.
    1. Water Bar (Water Cooler)
    2. Water Bar (Water Cooler)1. Able to provide hot, warm and cold water, Midea water cooler makes your life comfortable.
      2. Designed by Canadian famous designer, Midea freestanding ...
    1. Freestanding Series Water Dispenser, MYL833S
    2. Freestanding Series Water Dispenser, MYL833STo prevent children from scalding, Midea freestanding water dispenser is designed with safety lock for its hot water faucet.
    1. Direct Drinking Water Purifier, MRO115-L
    2. Direct Drinking Water Purifier, MRO115-L1. Direct drinking water purifier has a 4 tier filtration, so the dispensed water can be drunk directly.
      2. The 2nd generation fast joint ...
    1. Freestanding Water Dispenser
    2. Freestanding Water DispenserAs a result of reliable performance, easy operation and competitive prices, Midea freestanding water dispenser and other related water treatment ...
    1. Bottom Load Water Dispenser, YL1133
    2. Bottom Load Water Dispenser, YL1133Cooling Power: 100W
      Heating Power: 420W
      Product Dimensions: 310*337*920mm
    1. RO Water Purifier, MRO102-4
    2. RO Water Purifier, MRO102-41. RO water purifier adopts top quality RO membrane from DOW Chemical Company, which provides long working life and good water quality.
      2. Equipped with 4 tier or ...
    1. Freestanding Water Dispenser, MYL31S-W
    2. Freestanding Water Dispenser, MYL31S-W1. Both models of freestanding water dispenser come with 3 faucet design to supply hot, ambient and cold drinking water.
Welcome to Foshan Shunde Midea Water Dispenser Manufacture Company Limited

Founded in 1999, Midea Water Dispenser Manufacturing Company is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified water dispenser and water purifier manufacturer and supplier, located in China. Midea drinking water equipment includes POU water purifier, freestanding water dispenser, desktop water cooler, and related products which are extensively used in offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and houses to provide hot, warm, and cold potable water.

Providing quality water purifier and water dispenser is our priority at Midea. To achieve this, we maintain our commitment to being a leader in the water treatment industry. We cooperate with Korea's NAIS to improve our research and development capabilities. In order to better guarantee the quality of our Midea water cooler, water purifier, etc., we have invested over 1.5 million USD and established our own testing center to ensure the quality of the Midea products and also the water produced by Midea water dispenser, water bar, and water purifier, etc. As a result of these efforts, our water treatment equipment is certified by China's CCC, Canada's CSA, America's UL, EU's CE and CB, Germany's GB, Saudi Arabia's ICCP, and Kuwait's KUCAS, and is also approved by WQA of the United States.

While maintaining quality, Midea also dedicates itself to reducing production cost, to enable us to provide Midea freestanding water cooler and CS water purifier at competitive prices. Purchasing carefully selected materials in bulk and using our supplier management system allows us to reach this goal. Better, low cost alternatives to traditional materials and simplified structures of water dispensers and purifiers, also contribute to reducing production cost and material cost. Our water tanks, water bottles, electronic control panels of freestanding and desktop water cooler, and POU, RO and POE water purifier are all manufactured in-house, and we utilize IE ECRS to reduce extraneous procedures and improve production efficiency. Through these efforts, Midea is able to provide its products at comparatively reasonable prices.

As a result of the reliable performance and affordable prices of Midea RO water purifier and desktop water dispenser, etc., they have become popular among customers from the United States, Germany, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and many others. At Midea, we also able to provide customization and OEM service upon request. If you are interested in our products, please click on the corresponding pages or contact us directly for more detailed information.